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Hello Alyonka

Sep 21 , 2012

Alyonka Larionov is our host of BCTV. Born in Moscow, Russia, Alyonka started her career in entertainment first as a singer, working with artists such as Kid Rock, Eminem's Grammy Awards winning producers the "Bass Brothers" and making it to the Top 100 in the 7th season of American Idol. Returning to her hockey roots (her father is Olympian and 3 time Stanley Cup NHL player, Igor Larionov) she embarked on a broadcasting career starting with the Pittsburgh Penguins. After one year with the team, alyonka became an independent freelance producer and host for CBC, Hockey Night in Canada, Red Bull, HBO's 24/7,, NHL Network, SauceTV, Warner DVD, NBCSports & more. Prior to joining the Nets, alyonka spent the year with TSN as a recurring guest on Off the Record, produced and hosted features on NHL Players, and hosted social media for the NHL All Star Games, NHL Playoffs & the NHL Draft.

Twitter: @alyonkalarionov