The American Express Shop

What is the American Express Shop?

A checkout-free shopping experience exclusively for American Express® Card Members offering both concessions and merchandise items to help fans avoid long lines and get back to the action faster.

Where is the American Express Shop located?

The American Express Shop is located on the main concourse, outside of section 6 and next to the American Express Card Member Entrance. The American Express Card Member Entrance can be accessed off of Atlantic Avenue. More information can be found HERE.

How is Barclays Center and Amex keeping customers safe and the store clean?

Barclays Center and American Express are committed to creating world class experiences with the primary goal of keeping all guests safe. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Barclays Center has been working diligently with New York State, New York City, and its own medical experts, as informed by the CDC, to establish and implement health and safety protocols for anyone who enters the arena. In keeping with this goal, a link to all venue safety protocols can be found HERE.

What is sold in the American Express Shop?

A variety of food and beverage concession items are available for purchase within the Shop. In addition to fan favorites found around Barclays Center, guests can also enjoy unique, locally sourced items from Brooklyn small businesses that are not available anywhere else in the venue. Guests will also have access to select merchandise items traditionally found in the Nets Team Store.

How does the American Express Shop work?

Card Members will tap their contactless Card, mobile wallet or insert their Card to enter the Shop. The technology tracks your movements throughout the space and upon exit charges your Card for your final purchase amount. Upon entry, you may see a $1.00 pre-authorization (or “hold”) on your account, which will be updated with the final amount of your purchase, or otherwise will drop off your account if you don’t make a purchase.

Who runs/manages the American Express Shop?

Levy, the venue concessionaire, will serve as the merchant of record and manage all operations within the store. In partnership with the Barclays Center, Levy will ensure all food safety requirements are met and Covid-19 protocols followed at all times. All purchases at the American Express Shop are subject to the policies, and terms and conditions, of Levy and Barclays Center.

Which American Express Cards are eligible?

All American Express Cards are eligible. (i.e. cards bearing an American Express logo)

Can I bring a guest inside with me?

Yes, if a Card Member is with a guest who doesn’t have a card (adult or child), the Card Member can use his/her card to help the guest gain entry. Any items subsequently purchased or removed from the store by either party will be charged to the card used to gain entry.

Will the American Express Shop be open for all venue events?

Yes, the American Express Shop will be open for all venue events, though exceptions may apply, and available items within the store will vary depending on the event and audience and may be modified on a per event basis. Event specific merchandise (e.g. concerts, family events, etc.) may also be included.

Do I need an event ticket in order to gain access to the American Express Shop?

Yes, the American Express Shop will be open only on Barclays Center event days. You must be a ticketed guest to the Barclays Center event on that day in order to gain access to the American Express Shop.

If A Card Member does not have physical card or card added to mobile wallet, can they still enter the store?

Technology used within the shop requires that an American Express Card product be either physically or digitally present to enter the store. To ensure you have access, be sure to bring your Card to all events or add your Card to your Mobile Wallet prior to arriving at the venue.

What happens when a Card Member takes an item off one shelf and replaces on the wrong shelf before leaving the store? Will the Card Member be charged?

No, the Card Member will not be charged. Each item has a unique weight that is tracked through weight sensitive shelf sensors. If an item is replaced on an incorrect shelf, the system will identify that the item was moved (not purchased) and the inventory report will alert the store operator that this item is in the wrong location.

What happens if a Card Member drinks/eats part of the item before replacing it on a shelf? How is this mitigated and/or recorded?

In-store staff provide monitoring for any issues that may arise within the Shop. Additionally, in such a scenario, the resulting weight discrepancy of the item will be registered, and an alert will be immediately sent within the inventory management software. The Card Member will be charged for the item and may be denied future access and barred from the Shop.

How do I check my receipt?

Guests are able to view their receipts by visiting Go.Amex/Bkshop. In order to retrieve your receipt, you will be prompted to input the last 4 digits of your physical Card or digital wallet 4-digit tail number (can be found in settings within your digital wallet app) as well as the date and approximate time of purchase.

How do I return an item during an event?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Barclays Center and NBA policy currently prohibit concession and merchandise returns or exchanges. Until further notice, all sales are final. Changes to this policy will remain fluid and will be updated as permitted.

How do I return a merchandise item the day after an event?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Barclays Center and NBA policy currently prohibit concession and merchandise returns or exchanges. Until further notice, all sales are final. Changes to this policy will remain fluid and will be updated as permitted.

I was charged incorrectly, what do I do?

If the charge is identified as incorrect while in-venue, the guest can return to the store and consult an in-store staff member to initiate an internal review of the purchase. In turn, the store associate will submit a ticket to be reviewed. If the charge is deemed incorrect, a refund will be made to the card statement within three (3) business days and the receipt will be updated to reflect the correct amount.

I noticed I was charged incorrectly but am no longer onsite at the event, what do I do?

Customer should submit a review for refund by visiting go.amex/bkshop.