A-Z Guide

We welcome the world by providing best in class entertainment and hospitality experiences.

Barclays Center management is dedicated to providing an exciting and memorable guest experience while ensuring the safety and security of all guests. The following guide provides information and policies/rules for attending any Barclays Center event. These policies apply to all guests. Guests who violate any of the policies will be escorted by security out of the arena. In addition, Barclays Center management reserves the right to suspend season ticket privileges for guests who do not comply with these event policies.

Access-A-Ride Bus Stop

The Access-A-Ride bus stop at Barclays Center is located on Atlantic Avenue, between Fort Greene Avenue and 6th Avenue. The stop is situated on the south side of Atlantic Avenue, adjacent to the arena, and is nearest to the VIP Entrance.


Please see our Disabled Services A-Z Guide for information regarding accessibility.


Barclays Center is located at 620 Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217.


Barclays Center does not institute an age requirement to enter for most shows. Please check the event’s webpage for specific details. If a guest plans to attend and is under the age of 18 years old, we strongly suggest they be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Barclays Center does not provide a parent waiting area, however there are local restaurants and shops in the area that you may visit.


Barclays Center is easily accessible from J.F.K. International Airport and LaGuardia Airport. You’ll find directions to the arena on our Getting Here page.


For safety, and as a courtesy to other guests, aisles must be kept clear at all times. Please follow the directions of the usher in your section to your assigned ticketed seat and refrain from standing in the aisles. Dancing, lingering, etc. in the aisles will not be allowed for the safety of all guests.

Alcohol Service Discontinuation

The sale and service of all alcoholic beverages will cease at specific times during events, at times related to the game clock or the duration of the event for all general concession areas, mini restaurants, in-seat service areas, and portable bars in accordance with the following:

  • Basketball: Beginning of the fourth quarter
  • Concert: one hour prior to the end of the performance

Alcohol service can also be discontinued at the discretion of management.

Alcohol Serving and Consumption

Barclays Center and its food and beverage concessionaires have adopted an alcohol policy that is designed to protect guests and the community from alcohol-related incidents. In addition to our responsible alcohol service guidelines below, Barclays Center offers a designated driver program at most major sporting events.

Guests are expected to obey all state and local laws governing the purchase, possession, and consumption of alcohol. It is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to consume alcoholic beverages. In addition, the following items are to be noted:

  • Barclays Center reserves the right to deny entry to guests who appear to be impaired.
  • Alcoholic beverages will not be served in containers larger than 24 ounces.
  • There shall be a maximum limit of two alcoholic beverages sold to each guest, per purchase, per valid ID.
  • All guest who appear to be younger than the age of thirty (30) will be asked to show positive identification prior to being served alcoholic beverages.
  • Acceptable forms of valid United States identification are: Driver’s License, Passport, United States Passport Card, State Issued I.D. Card w/ Photo, Military I.D. w/ Photo and Mexican Consular Card.
  • Barclays Center reserves the right to eject anyone under the age of 21 who is observed to be in possession of, or consuming alcohol on the premises.
  • Barclays Center and its food and beverage concessionaires will implement ongoing responsible alcohol management T.E.A.M (Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management) training sessions for its serving staff.
  • Guests must discard alcoholic beverages prior to exiting the building.


Animals are not allowed in Barclays Center; however, an exception is made for leashed, harnessed, and housebroken Service Animals. Please be advised Barclays Center reserves the right to exclude Service Animals which act in “out of control” manners. If a patron plans on bringing a service animal into the venue, we encourage them to contact us as early as possible for potential seating relocation purposes.

Announcements (Birthday, Anniversary, Proposals, etc.)

 For more information and to submit a request for in-game announcements during Brooklyn Nets Basketball games, please click here and follow the prompts.

Assisted Listening Devices

Barclays Center is equipped with a "Listen" assisted listening device (ALD) system. Receivers are available for all events and are provided free of charge with a valid form of identification from the Guest Services Center located on the Main Concourse.

ATM Locations

There are a total of six ATMs in Barclays Center. There are four located on the Main Concourse of the arena conveniently located at all four corners of the building. In addition, there are two located on the Upper Pavilion.


Barclays Center does not have designated autograph locations and does not process autograph requests. Guests seeking autographs may only do so from their ticketed seat location.

Baby Changing Tables

Baby changing tables are located in every restroom throughout the arena with the exception of the restroom amenities located on the event level.

Baby Bags/Bottles/Formula

Baby bags, plastic bottles, and formula are permitted into the building. Should the bag become an obstruction due to its size, guests may be asked to check the bag in to the Main Concourse Guest Services Center.

Bags/Backpacks/Large Bags/Suitcases



Barclays Center has implemented the above policy to ensure a safe and enjoyable event experience for all guests. Special consideration will be made for guests with medical needs and those caring for infants. This policy does not apply to credentialed media. All bags are subject to thorough screening and will be x-ray screened where available, which may delay entry into Barclays Center. Guests are strongly encouraged to leave their bags at home, or bring bags within the approved size and type. For a full list of prohibited items, please click here.

Backstage/Event Level

Guests who are seeking access backstage and/or to the event level may do so only with the proper credential. Guests who are found to be in these locations without proper credentials will be subject to ejection and/or arrest.

Ball in Play Policy

Barclays Center is committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable entertainment experience. Please be aware of our Whistle Policy, which requires guests to refrain from accessing their seats until the ball is no longer in play. This policy enables guests to enjoy an unobstructed view of the game.


Guests are welcome to bring their personal binoculars for most events at Barclays Center.

Black Car Service

To make a reservation, guests can visit the Guest Services Center on the Main Concourse.

Box Office (American Express Box Office)

Tickets and information for Barclays Center events are available online by clicking on our Events and Ticketing page on our website, barclayscenter.com, and visiting the desired event’s webpage.

Brooklyn Nets and New York Liberty game days: 12:00PM-start of 3rd quarter
Non-Nets event days: 12:00PM-One hour after ticketed start time
Non-event days: Monday through Friday from 12:00PM-6:00PM, Saturday from 12:00PM-4:00PM, Sunday closed


Cameras with telephoto or interchangeable/detachable lenses and external flash (professional photography equipment) are not permitted inside Barclays Center at any time. Video recording devices, audio recording devices, monopods, bipods and tripods are also not permitted. Video recording on any device and/or flash photography is prohibited at all times.

This policy will be strictly enforced and management reserves the right to deny any electronic device at their discretion.

Cancelled/Postponed Events

In the rare event that a Barclays Center event is cancelled or postponed, please visit the specific event page or email guestservices@barclayscenter.com for more information.

Captioning Service

Barclays Center offers convenient and easy access to captioning services for select events. When captioning is available, the arena announcements and emergency announcements made on the Public Address System will be captioned. This mobile-based system allows any guest with a Smart Phone or tablet to view real-time announcements broadcasted in the arena on their phone/tablet. If you have the need for captioning services, please contact us at least one week prior to the event with your request.

The service is intended for the hearing impaired community, but will be available to all guests. Visit the Guest Services on the Main Concourse for more information.

Child Admissions

For all sporting events and most concerts, children up to 34” in height may enter Barclays Center free of charge, but must share a seat with an accompanying ticketed adult. Any child that does not meet this height requirement will require a ticket to enter the arena and must occupy their ticketed seat only.

Please note that some shows (especially those intended for children) will have a different policy and may require all children to have a ticket.

Coat Check

Barclays Center does not provide an area to check coats or personal belongings. Barclays Center is not responsible for any property that is lost, stolen, or damaged.

Code of Conduct

Barclays Center is committed to creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable entertainment experience. Guests have a right to expect an environment where:

  • Guests will be treated in a consistent, professional and courteous manner by all venue personnel.
  • Guests will enjoy every event free from disruptive behavior, including foul or abusive language or obscene gestures.
  • Guests will consume alcoholic beverages in a responsible manner. Intervention with an impaired, intoxicated or underage guest will be handled in a prompt and safe manner.
  • Guests will sit only in their ticketed seats and show their tickets when requested.
  • Guests who engage in fighting, throwing objects or attempting to enter the court/stage will be immediately ejected from the venue.
  • Guests will not smoke in the venue. Barclays Center is a non-smoking venue and property.
  • Guests will be required to wear a shirt and shoes at all times for their own safety. Barclays Center management reserves the right to deny entry to guests wearing clothing items or signs displaying offensive text and/or images.
  • Guests will comply with requests from venue staff regarding facility operations and emergency response procedures.

The arena staff has been trained to intervene where necessary to help ensure that the above expectations are met, and guests are encouraged to report any inappropriate behavior to the nearest usher, security guard, guest services staff member or anonymously through our texting system.

Guests who choose not to adhere to the above code of conduct will be subject to ejection without refund, and may also be in violation of city ordinances resulting in possible arrest and prosecution. Thank you for your cooperation!

Compliments, Comments, Concerns

During an event, guests are recommended to express any compliments, comments, or concerns at our Guest Services Center, located on the Main Concourse, or with any Guest Services employee. After an event, please email guestservices@barclayscenter.com to give feedback.

Guests are also encouraged to use our In Stadium Solutions (ISS) system by texting "BC" with the Issue and Location to 69050.

*MSG & Data rates may apply.


Barclays Center offers a wide variety of food and beverage items for our guests' enjoyment. We are proud to offer gluten-free and kosher options.

Barclays Center offers concessions locations that are cash-free and those that accept all forms of payment. For guests who prefer to pay in cash, please visit a concession stand with signage stating “Cash & Card Accepted Here” or convert cash to a prepaid debit card free of charge at one of five Ready Credit® Cash-to-Card Kiosks located outside of sections 7, 21, 31, 205, or 227. The prepaid debit cards received from the Ready Credit® Cash-to-Card Kiosks can be used at any concession or retail point-of-sale inside Barclays Center. Any remaining funds left on the card can be used anywhere that Mastercard is accepted worldwide.


For guests using credit cards, Barclays Center accepts all major credit cards and mobile wallet.


Outside food and beverage is not permitted. Exceptions will be made for those with medical requirements and/or special needs. Guests with specific/special dietary needs due to medical conditions or special needs should contact Guest Services by calling 917-618-6111 or by emailing guestservices@barclayscenter.com prior to attending the event to arrange for reasonable accommodations.


Barclays Center Guest Services welcomes all feedback, questions, and concerns from our guests. To contact us via e-mail, contact guestservices@barclayscenter.com. Most e-mails will receive a return reply within 48 hours. 


Barclays Center is committed to hosting world-class sports and entertainment with the primary goal of keeping all fans, guests, employees, players, and performers safe. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been working diligently with the NBA, the WNBA, New York State, New York City, and our own medical experts, as informed by the CDC, to establish and implement health and safety protocols for anyone who enters the arena.

Please find our health & safety guidelines here.


Please visit our Getting Here page for assistance in traveling to the Barclays Center.

Disabled Services

Please visit our Disabled Services A-Z Guide for a complete list of services offered to guests with special needs.


All Guests must maintain reasonable and appropriate behavior at all times. Guests using offensive language or engaging in disorderly conduct may be ejected from the facility and may be subject to arrest. Ejected Guests will not receive a refund for their tickets or be compensated in any way for their loss.

Disturbances include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Standing on chairs
  • Placing children on shoulders
  • Drunk and disorderly conduct
  • Fighting or challenging others to fight
  • “Mooning” or exposing private body parts
  • Interference with or delay of the game/event
  • Violation of Barclays Center’s event policies
  • Violation of the local, state, and federal laws and statues
  • Igniting and display of flames, i.e. lighters / matches, in the facility bowl
  • Attempting to enter the field of play, court, stage or backstage areas without permission
  • Throw, discharge, or launch any liquid substance or objects
  • Willfully and maliciously disturbing another guests/employee with loud and unreasonable noise
  • Using profanity and/or offensive words, which are likely to provoke a violent reaction from others
  • Taunting or using offensive language against the players, referees, or performers

Door Opening

Door opening times for Barclays Center special events and concerts will vary according to each event. For Brooklyn Nets games, doors will open 90 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Crown Club Members attending Brooklyn Nets games may enter 2 hours before tip-off.   


Dress Code

All guests in attendance are required to wear a shirt and shoes at all times for their own safety. Barclays Center management reserves the right to deny entry to guests wearing clothing items displaying offensive text and/or images.

Drop-Off Zone/Designated Pick-Up Area

There will be two zones designated for Drop Off / Pick Up located along Atlantic Avenue outside of the VIP Entrance and Atlantic Avenue Entrance. There is one additional zone located along Flatbush outside of the Main Entrance. Guests on the Flatbush side are also welcome to use the designated Drop Off / Pick Up zone.


Trained Guest Services and Security personnel will ensure the security and safety of all guests, performers, and employees at Barclays Center. In the case of an emergency, guests must comply with requests from venue staff regarding arena operations and emergency response procedures.

Employment Opportunities

For employment opportunities at Barclays Center with BSE Global, Brooklyn Nets Basketball, New York Liberty, Levy Restaurants, or ASM, please visit our Careers Page.


  • GEICO Atrium: Corner of Flatbush Avenue and Atlantic Avenue
  • Atlantic Entrance: Northeast corner of arena on Atlantic Avenue
  • Dean Entrance: Southeast corner of arena on Dean Street
  • Qatar Airways VIP Entrance: Northwest corner of arena on Atlantic Avenue

Entry Inspections

All guests entering the arena are subject to security screening, visual inspection, and bag inspection conducted by Barclays Center Security personnel. Security screenings are designed to detect prohibited items from entering the venue.

Family Restrooms

Barclays Center has family restrooms available on all levels of the arena.

First Aid First Response

Trained Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) personnel are available to assist any guest in need at every Barclays Center event. The primary First Aid is located on the Main Concourse near the Guest Services Center. A secondary location is on the Upper Pavilion near Section 212.

In addition, Barclays Center is equipped with Automatic External Defibrillators (AED). Designated employees, including our EMT staff, have been properly trained and certified to use the AED. In the event of a medical emergency, contact a member of our Guest Services or Security staff for assistance. These devices are located at both of the First Aid locations.

Flyers/Handouts/Product Samples

The distribution of promotional items, flyers, or printed materials is not permitted without written permission of Barclays Center and/or its tenants. The sampling and distribution of products is prohibited inside and outside of the building.

Food and Beverage – LEVY Restaurants

Guests may not bring food and/or beverage items into the arena during events. Exceptions will be made for those with medical requirements and/or special needs. Guests with specific/special dietary needs due to medical conditions or special needs should contact Guest Services by calling 917-618-6111 or by emailing guestservices@barclayscenter.com prior to attending the event to arrange for reasonable accommodations.

Glass bottles or metal canisters are strictly prohibited. Guests must dispose of the unauthorized items prior to entrance into the arena or return them to their vehicle. Guest Services Centers will not check-in or store any food or beverage items.

We are now providing straws upon request at concession stands and respectfully ask that you only use a straw if it’s a personal necessity. We have transformed the lids of our cups so that you can consume your beverage without a straw. The best part, both the lid and cup are compostable. Join us in our efforts to protect the environment.

General Admission (GA) Floor

The General Admission area, located on the floor of the arena, is standing room only and there are no seats. Guests with GA Floor tickets must enter at the Atlantic Avenue Entrance. Guests wishing to arrive early are encouraged to line up no earlier than 9:00AM. Doors will open at the same time for all guests. After entering the building, all guests with GA Floor tickets will receive a wristband to access the floor and will be instructed to select aisles which have access to the floor.

Gluten-Free Foods

We are proud to offer gluten-free food options at Barclays Center events. For more information please contact Levy Restaurants at 917-618-6300.

Green Initiatives

Barclays Center is committed to sustaining LEED Silver Certification and being in alignment with the AEG 1EARTH program. AEG 1EARTH is AEG's environmental commitment. By acknowledging that we all share 1EARTH, we can understand how our operations affect the planet and how responsible decisions can improve the environment, our communities and our business.

In addition, Barclays Center is committed to recycling in all areas of the arena. Recycling bins are located on both the Main Concourse and Upper Pavilion for guest use and in back of house areas for arena employees.

Group Info/Reservations

For information regarding Group Sales Ticketing please call 877-77-BKTIX or email groups@bseglobal.net.

Guest Courtesy

Barclays Center is committed to creating a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable entertainment experience. Please refer to our Code of Conduct.

Guest Services Center

Guest Services Centers are located on the Main Concourse across from Section 12/112 and on Upper Pavilion behind Section 212. These centers are designed to provide information to guests with questions, concerns, or issues during Barclays Center events. In addition, Guest Services Centers provide assistance to guests with disabilities (see Disabled Services A-Z Guide).


Guests may contact the nearest Usher or Security Officer if there is a spill or Housekeeping concern during an event.

Impaired Guests

Barclays Center reserves the right to deny entry to visibly impaired guests. Any impaired guest causing a disturbance during an event will be asked to leave the facility and may be subject to arrest.

In Stadium Solutions Texting Service

Barclays Center has teamed with In Stadium Solutions (ISS) to provide guests with an in-game texting service, allowing guests to text issues to building management anonymously and discretely without having to leave the comfort of their seat. Guests may text the keyword "BC", the Issue and Location to 69050.

Participation in our service is free of charge but standard carrier text messaging & data charges will apply. Text STOP, END, QUIT, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE, STOPALL to 69050 to be removed from any list and end subscription to the service.

International Ticket Policy

To purchase tickets to an event from an international location, please visit seatgeek.com. Tickets purchased internationally will be delivered as mobile tickets. International tickets will not be mailed.


Free Internet/Wi-Fi access is available to all guests at Barclays Center events. 

Kosher Foods

Inquire with Guest Services on where to find kosher options within the arena.

Laptop Computers/Tablets

Laptops or any type of personal computers or tablets will be admitted inside of the Barclays Center, however; guests are not permitted to use these items inside of the seating bowl to ensure that guests are not disturbed in surrounding areas. These items may be used in personal suites or around the concourse areas of the building. 

Levels of the Arena

Barclays Center has five levels:

  • Event Level
  • Main Concourse (Street Level)
  • Barclays Suite Level A
  • Suite Level B
  • Upper Pavilion

Levy Restaurants

Barclays Center has an exclusive concessionaire agreement with Levy Restaurants. Levy Restaurants, founded in Chicago in 1978, is recognized as one of America’s fastest growing and most critically acclaimed restaurant companies, and is the leader in premium sports and entertainment dining. Levy was recently named one of the 10 most innovative companies in sports in the world by Fast Company magazine. The company’s diverse portfolio includes award-winning restaurants such as James Beard Award-winning Spiaggia in Chicago, Fulton’s Crab House, Portobello and Wolfgang Puck Grand Café at Walt Disney World Resort, renowned sports and entertainment venues like Churchill Downs in Louisville, STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, and American Airlines Arena in Miami, and events including the Super Bowl, World Series, U. S. Open, Kentucky Derby, NHL and NBA All-Star Games and the GRAMMY® Awards.

Lost Children/Guests

Lost children/guests should be directed to any one of our Guest Services Centers, located on the Main Concourse and the Upper Pavilion. The employee will immediately notify a supervisor that they have received a report of a lost / missing child, (referred to as a Code Adam), and the Supervisor in turn, will immediately notify the Security Command Center and all other Departments. Parents looking for a lost child should contact the nearest Guest Services Staff Member or Security Officer. For safety reasons Barclays Center is unable to make in-arena announcements for lost children or guests.

Lost and Found

All lost and found items are taken to Guest Services Centers during events, located on the Main Concourse and Upper Pavilion. During an event, guests should visit a Guest Services Center to inquire about lost items. After an event, contact Lost and Found at 917.618.6185 or email lostandfound@barclayscenter.com with a description of the item and the date the item was lost. Lost and Found is available from Monday - Friday, between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm. Barclays Center management assumes no responsibility for items lost at events.

Lost/Stolen Tickets

For lost tickets, guests must contact their point of purchase. For stolen tickets, guests should contact local law enforcement first, then their point of purchase.

Meditation Room

Located on the Main Concourse near the Atlantic Entrance, the Meditation Room at Barclays Center is an oasis of quiet reflection in the heart of Brooklyn.

Conceived in partnership with the Downtown Brooklyn Neighborhood Alliance (DBNA), the room is available to ticketed event guests from Doors until End Time.

The hours of operation are subject to change based on the event calendar.

To request access during non-event times or for private use during event hours, please click here to make a request. All requests are subject to approval by Barclays Center & DBNA. For more information about the Meditation Room and the Downtown Brooklyn Neighborhood Alliance, please visit their web site at thedbna.org.

Meet and Greets

Barclays Center does not process meet and greet requests. Please contact the individual team or artist through their website.


Brooklyn Fanatics, the new official retail store for the Nets and New York Liberty, will be open during all events and selling merchandise, along with pop-up stores located at Sections 9 and 23. Customers can also purchase merchandise online at NetsStore.com and pick their order up at Brooklyn Fanatics. Please note per NBA guidelines, merchandise purchased or received on gameday cannot be tried on, returned, or exchanged.

National Anthem

To inquire about singing the National Anthem at any Barclays Center event, please email guestservices@barclayscenter.com. Your request will be forwarded to the appropriate persons.


Parking at Barclays Center is very limited.

Presale Opportunities

Sign up for Barclays Center "Behind the Scenes" newsletter and receive event updates, presale notices and more by visiting our Behind the Scenes page.

Prohibited Items


  • Weapons of any kind, including mace, pepper spray, knives, sharp objects, bats, clubs, tasers, etc.
  • Bags larger than 14”x14”x6” or that are hard-sided.
  • Professional camera equipment (e.g., detachable lens; lens greater than 3”; external flash; monopods; bipods; tripods; etc.).
  • Audio/video recording devices.
  • Laser pointers or flashlights.
  • Illegal drugs/substances (current prescription medication in the original container is permitted, provided the guest produces identification matching the prescription container).
  • Alcohol.
  • Fireworks, missile-like objects, Frisbees, and any other form of projectiles.
  • Signs, flags, and banners larger than 11”x17”. Signs, flags, and banners of any size attached to poles. Signs, flags, and banners if prohibited by the production or if made of wood, metal, plastic, or any other hard material.
  • Balloons, beach balls, and other inflatables.
  • Unapproved pamphlets, handouts, etc.
  • Fire starters and lighters.
  • Cans (including aerosols), bottles, boxed liquids, and metal, glass, or other insulated containers.
  • Pets, other than service animals.
  • Selfie sticks, poles.
  • Coolers of any size, including soft-sided coolers.
  • Full face coverings (medical masks covering the nose and mouth and religious face coverings are acceptable).
  • Signs, posters, or garments with offensive language, phrasing, or symbols.
  • Pointed tip or large umbrellas.
  • *Outside food or beverage (exceptions will be made for those with medical requirements and/or special needs).
  • Noisemakers, air horns, bells, bull horns, whistles, etc.
  • Optical illusions (i.e., items intended to create optical illusions or interfere with the ability of the eye to perceive depth or distance, such as pin wheels and umbrellas).
  • Drones.
  • Patrons without shoes or shirts.
  • Flowers, unless allowed by tour production.
  • Skateboards and rollerblades.
  • Any other items if prohibited by the production.

Barclays Center Management reserves the right to prohibit other items as deemed necessary.

*Exceptions will be made for those with medical requirements and/or special needs. Guests with specific/special dietary needs due to medical conditions or special needs should contact Guest Services by calling 917-618-6111 or by emailing guestservices@barclayscenter.com prior to attending the event to arrange for reasonable accommodations.

Thank you for your cooperation. Please enjoy the event.

Public Transportation

Barclays Center is one of the most accessible sports and entertainment venues in the area. Centrally located at the intersection of Atlantic and Flatbush Avenues, it is served by New York’s third-largest transportation hub. Visitors have the option of taking nine different subway lines and the LIRR, just eight minutes from Wall Street, 18 minutes from Penn Station, and 20 minutes from Times Square or Grand Central Station. The Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges also provide easy access from Manhattan, while the Holland Tunnel is a quick drive away.

Trains: 2, 3, 4, 5, B, D, N, R, Q and LIRR.
The 2, 3, 4, 5, B, Q stop at Atlantic Ave.
The D, N, R stop at Atlantic Ave-Pacific St.
The LIRR stop is at Atlantic Terminal located on Flatbush Ave and Atlantic Ave.

Buses: The Flatbush/Atlantic Ave area is serviced by the B41and B45buses.

Radio Stations

To listen live to a sporting event while inside Barclays Center, guests may go to our internal radio channels 660 WFAN or 1280 WADO (Spanish). When there is a conflict with simultaneous game schedules, please check Bloomberg 1130 or The Apple 970 as alternatives.


Barclays Center has a “No Re-Entry” policy for all events.

Recording Devices

Guests may not bring audio or video recording devices into the arena. These devices include, but are not limited to, video cameras/camcorders and audio recording devices.

Any equipment not conforming to these rules must be removed from the premises or left at the Guest Services Center on the Main Concourse during the event.


Restrooms are located on every level of the arena.

Season Tickets

For information regarding the purchase of season tickets, please visit brooklynnets.com.

Seat Size

Seats at Barclays Center vary in size. Seats will be between approximately 17” to 22” in width.

Security Screening

Barclays Center has implemented new policies to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all guests. To allow for speedier entry into the venue, we are strongly discouraging guests from bringing unnecessary bags.

Patrons who do arrive with bags will be required to enter through the Dean St. Entrance. Those without bags will be permitted to enter through express lines in the main entrance.

Bags larger than 18”x14”x6” are prohibited at Barclays Center.

Patrons with backpacks and duffle bags smaller than 18”x14”x6” will need to go through a security screening at the Dean St. Entrance and will be permitted inside the venue with their bags.

Please plan ahead and allow yourself enough time to pass through security.


See Something, Say Something

The If You See Something, Say Something™ campaign is a simple and effective program to engage the public and key frontline employees in identifying and reporting indicators of terrorism, crime and other threats to the proper transportation and law enforcement authorities. If you see something, say something! To report suspicious activity, see the nearest Usher/Ticket Taker or Security Officer, or call 1-877-A-THREAT (1-877-284-7328).

Sign Language Interpreters

Barclays Center is pleased to offer sign language interpretation during concerts/special events for guests with hearing impairments. Requests for this service must be received at least one week in advance of the event. Please email guestservices@barclayscenter.com for more information. 


Unless otherwise specified by teams and/or event officials/management, Barclays Center welcomes guests bringing small signs, banners, and posters inside the building to show fan support during events. The following guidelines relate to these items:

  • Item may not be larger than 11” x 17” in size
  • Item must be related to the event
  • Item may not be attached to a stick/pole
  • Item may not obstruct any sponsors/advertisers signage
  • Item may not be hung, attached, or displayed on any part of the building
  • Item may not contain or display obscene/offensive language and/or pictures, as determined by Barclays Center management
  • Item may not be constructed or displayed in a manner that may obstruct the view of other guests or in any way create a safety hazard for others as determined by Barclays Center management
  • Items may not contain any website or advertising materials.

Smoking/Non-Smoking Environment

Smoking is not permitted in the arena at any time. The immediate area around the arena is also a non-smoking campus. Additionally, electronic smoking devices are not permitted to be used inside the building. There is no re-entry.

Special Events

Barclays Center's Special Events Department can assist in planning and hosting private events. For more information, please contact Barclays Center Entertainment Department at programming@bseglobal.net

Standing Policy

Guests are allowed to stand during an event, provided that they are only occupying the area in front of their ticketed seat. Standing in aisles, and on chairs is strictly prohibited.


Guests are encouraged not to bring strollers to the arena. Strollers are not permitted in the seating sections of the arena due to potential safety hazards. However, strollers may be checked into our Main Guest Services Center, located on the Main Concourse. Strollers are allowed in suites.

Suites - Rentals/Sales/Catering

Barclays Center offers over 100 suites with size and price points to fit all needs. Your Barclays Center suite also includes: VIP services and amenities, access to the private clubs and restaurants, and access to the premium suite level concourse. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, all Suites are wheelchair accessible.

Taxi Service

Guests needing to call a taxi may go to any one of our Guest Services Centers for assistance. The designated taxi stand is located across the street from the arena along Atlantic Avenue.

Team Store

Brooklyn Fanatics, the new official retail store for the Nets and NY Liberty, will be open during all events and selling merchandise, along with pop-up stores located at Sections 9 and 23. Customers can also purchase merchandise online at NetsStore.com and pick their order up at Brooklyn Fanatics. Please note per NBA guidelines, merchandise purchased or received on gameday cannot be tried on, returned, or exchanged.


For information regarding ticket sales, pricing, and availability, please contact SeatGeek’s Customer Support Team at 888-831-2012. To expedite your entrance into Barclays Center, please save your tickets to your Apple or Google wallet prior to arrival. Barclays Center is equipped to scan SeatGeek Mobile Tickets with QR codes on electronic devices.


Please note: Tickets are not available at the box office on the first day of the public on sale. Tickets will generally become available to purchase at the Box Office 24 hours after the online release or next business day.

Ticket Resale

To avoid problems with counterfeit, stolen or voided tickets, guests should make their purchases through authorized outlets only. Barclays Center will not be responsible for validating tickets that were not purchased through an authorized outlet.

Water/Drinking Fountains

Water/drinking fountains are located on all levels throughout Barclays Center.

Wheelchair Escorts

Our Guest Services Center provides complimentary wheelchair escorts to guests when requested. Escorts are available at any entrance when doors open for all guests.

Will Call

Will Call is available for pick up at the American Express Box Office located in the Geico Atrium. American Express Box Office will not accept third party Will Call. Please note the box office closes approximately 1 hour after the ticketed event start time and will not be available to handle will call or ticketing issues. Upon the Box Office closing, Will Call will be available for pickup for the entirety of the event at Guest Relations in the Atrium.