Parking Garages

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  1. A.  NYC Arena Parking670 Pacific Street
  2. B.  Pacific Parking700 Pacific Street
  3. C.  iPark585 Dean Street
  4. D.  Cielo Garage @ Atlantic Terrace201 South Portland Ave
  5. E.  GGMC Parking625 Atlantic Ave
  6. F.  iPark99 3rd Avenue
  7. G.  GGMC Parking66 Rockwell Place
  8. H.  Brooklyn Hospital97 Dekalb Avenue
  9. I.  Cielo Garage @ DKLB469 Hudson Avenue
  10. j.  Manhattan Parking Group470 Hudson Avenue
Barclays Center do not own or operate any garages.
All listed garages are independently owned and operated.
To avoid potential long waits and traffic congestion, we encourage our guests to use mass transit.