Billboard Lounge: Brian Bautista Interview

Oct 28, 2016


Opening Night - October 28 2016

Q: What do you see for yourself down the road with both your career and music?

A: You know tonight, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to come back to Barclays as a performer, but down the road I definitely want to say I sold of Barclays one day. Thats definitely a goal of mine.

Q: What is the question you never get asked, that you wish someone would ask you, and what would the answer be?

A: What’s your favorite food? Because I love food. The answer would be Lasagna, my favorite dish.  

Q: What was your go-to food in the arena when you worked here?

A: Ooh, everything! My favorite food was probably the one that a member of Lievis would hook me up for free, haha. Um, damn, I can't remember what my favorite food was. Oh - there was a Cuban spot - Havana. With the Mojito Chicken!

Q: I know you said being here is really full circle for you. What does it mean for you to be coming back here as a performer?

A: It means a lot. It definitely allows me to, you know, just sit back and reflect on all the hard work that I’ve been putting inn and how serious I’m taking myself and my career. To see it come full circle is just an amazing accolade for myself. If it isn’t for anybody else if definitely is for me.  

Q: Working at Barclays Center - what was the most inspiring performance you saw here?

A: I can say the most inspiring one was definitely the first Jay Z concert when it opened up. Here is a dude from Brooklyn that came from the hood and made something of himself, and was in the talks and conversations about bringing the Nets to Brooklyn and having an arena in Brooklyn. Seeing that inspires you to believe that you can do that yourself.

Q: What is your favorite place in Brooklyn to go for peace of mind and inspiration?

A: My favorite place would probably be along the East River, in Dumbo or in Williamsburg. You just see the city skyline and think wow, this is where I live, where I was raised and there is no other place like New York.

Q: Do you have a favorite spot in the arena?

A: My favorite spot in the arena is probably the break room, where I had a bunch of good meals haha. But I’m not gonna lie, center court for the anthem is definitely my favorite spot.

Q: What advice would you give to a young artist, like yourself, pursuing their dream?

A: It’s real simple - never give up. For real. It sounds simple, but never give up. You are always gonna be hit with some BS, but you just have to learn to roll with the punches, but if you keep doing it then you’ll set yourself apart from the others who quit. Never give up.